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Title: Boudoir


Right Panel: 24x30 - SOLD

Medium: Oil

Price:  $1000 for the Left Panel ONLY

Boudoir is a set of two paintings by Miss Grace Blair portraying a woman, in the nude, reclining on her bed and viewing her body in a handheld mirror. The Left Side painting panel depicts her ultra-feminine nightstand, and the Right Side painting panel depicts the woman herself, in all her glory. 

These paintings engage and subvert the dominant narratives about gender and femininity. As the genitals of the figure are obscured by the mirror, the audience is left to presume or project whatever image they have in their minds of the most intimate parts of the woman's body. The surroundings of the figure are rendered in a whimsical, cartoonish style, contrasting the figure itself. Through the juxtaposition of a more realistic representation of the body, and a more simplified representation of the interior space gives the impression of a utopian alternate universe. 

Due to the intimate nature of this set, these paintings would be best suited for a more private room such as a bedroom, bathroom, bedroom hallway, or dressing room. 

DISCLAIMER: The Right Panel of this set was sold separately and is no longer available for purchase. If you buy this item, you will only receive the LEFT PANEL.

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