About Miss Blair...

Her biography

Grace Blair is a Toronto-based painter.  She works primarily in oil and acrylic painting, specializing in whimsical representational work with pastel hues.

Grace began her art studies at 5 years old under the instruction of artist Sergey Malina; followed by workshops at Avenue Road Art School and Max The Mutt College of Animation

She is currently studying Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  

Grace is influenced heavily by pop-culture, and queer and feminist theory and her work caters to an audience with an affinity for Pink Things.

Her art

Grace Blair's work depicts objects, interior landscapes, the nude figure, or a combination of all three. The social constructions of gender, femininity and sexuality are the main subject of her work. She works in a consistent colour palette of saturated, pastel and fluorescent hues.  

Her Business

Grace is self-represented. All work is for sale. She can be contacted by email at gracie_blair99@live.com

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