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Negroni Makes Perspective Wonky

$1115.00 CAD

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Medium: Acrylic

Size: 18x24"

Negroni Makes Perspective Wonky is an interior landscape painting depicting the view of a bathroom from the perspective of the adjacent wall. This painting showcases Miss Blair's signature use of pastel hues and bold lines. This work is particularly unique in its use of anamorphosis: a type of perspective that puts the viewer at a specific vantage point. In this work, the viewers eye is placed at the perspective of inside the wall, making them a fly on the wall so to speak. This painting is on a gallery stretched canvas, with a deep edge. The image wraps around that deep edge creating a visual illusion that contributes to this "fly on the wall" view. The title, Negroni Makes Perspective Wonky, is a commentary on the visual interplay within the work. In this painting, one-point-perspective is implied, a renaissance technique for placing objects within the picture plane. However, the perspective in this work is "off", creating a sense of imbalance. Further, the presence of a cocktail, paired with the title, implies the seductive and intoxicating quality of the drink, producing imbalance, depicted visually within the work. This piece is the ultimate talking piece for your space. 

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